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#BastaJara? CCSD Trustees say enough; send Jesus Jara scurrying for the exit in 4-3 vote. What now?

Drama and chaos marked a wild night of government at the Clark County School District's Trustee meeting. In the end, overwhelming pressure applied by a potpourri of groups including No Racism in Schools 1865, Mi Familia Vota, and Make CCSD Great Again, saw Trustee Irene Cepeda switch her vote regarding the employment status of Jesus Jara, a swap from the spring directly resulting in Jara's ignominious dismissal.

Recriminations flew as Trustee Katie Williams left after the vote in a storm of protest, while Trustees Lola Brooks and Board President Linda Cavazos engaged in a tense exchange shortly after.

With Nevadans celebrating a state holiday today many are asking what comes next? Monday will provide some answers, but until then nothing summed up the lingering feelings of recrimination still pulsating through the veins of supporters on both sides than this candid photo taken by conspiracy theorist Susan Proffitt of an unnamed advocate for Jara's dismissal.

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