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Black Friday at CCSD : "Jara, we have a problem!" As Omicron explodes, emocha fails; Guzman warned

As the specter of vaccine mandates hang over the children of CCSD and with Clark County Superintendent Jesus Jara never fired, one much maligned area of the district's Covid policy is under renewed attack.

The emocha Health mobile app, mandated for CCSD staff as part of Jara's Covid wellness protocol has come under withering criticism since its introduction earlier this year. Now can report exclusively that District A Trustee Lisa Guzman sent a chilling warning this summer directly to Dr. Jara regarding the emocha platform.

According to an email which we are publishing here, a vaccinated Guzman received notice from emocha to report for a Covid test. This despite not being signed up for the application.

The Trustee further explained that a teacher, whose identity is confidential, found her private health records uploaded to the emocha system despite never having done so herself, or signing off allowing CCSD to do so, either.

With Omicron rapidly spreading, the question now must be answered what can CCSD do to keep their teachers and staff safe? Clearly emocha is not the correct, nor desired, answer.

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