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Breaking: Jesus Jara, other Superintendents across Nevada conspired to stop comments, mock religion

In a startling late night release of emails by the parent group 'Make CCSD Great Again,' which they shared directly with, Dr. Jesus Jara is found conspiring with several other Superintendents and the head of Nevada Charter Schools to stifle public comment by enforcing a mask mandate.

"Good times! Maybe this strategy will limit public comment."

Photo Below:

Then this from Dr. Jara's ally in their fight to trample the Constitution Wayne Workman, of Lyon County, showing his hatred of religion by suggesting all those with exemptions be forced to wear orange vests.

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This is yet further proof that Jesus Jara is bad for our children, bad for our community, and bad for our Constitution.

Once again, the fact is Jara must go. And now Workman needs to as well.

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