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Breaking: Senator Carrie Buck jets around the state in a private aircraft as fraud allegations swirl

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

(Below: An inside look at Senator Buck's private plane.)

Yesterday, as Carrie Anne Buck bragged about flying around Nevada in a private aircraft to attend state Republican party meetings, a report emerged that her desperate attempt to wrest control of the Clark County GOP from Jesse Law is rooted in a potential criminal investigation.

Rob Lauer, former conservative contender for Nevada Secretary of State, and now an investigative watchdog, published a stunning report yesterday relating to his fellow Republican. According to Lauer, Buck is facing potential prosecution, her alleged crimes tied to illegal fundraising based on her ongoing representation of herself as "Chairwoman" of a break away group of recently disgraced Clark County political officials.

Despite making less than $10,000 a year as a part-time legislator, the Henderson area Senator is no stranger to an elitist lifestyle. Earning $203,000 annually in her last reported position within the charter school industry, Buck is closely associated with a group which took over $4,500,000 in PPP emergency funds. Pine Crest Academy's loan was 61 times greater than the average disbursed loan in Las Vegas, and this amount was requested despite the Academy's operations seeing minimal disruption. Senator Buck herself was forced to admit a connection to this entity on her 2021 Nevada Secretary of State Financial Disclosure Form.

While internal GOP political machinations are of little interest to the general community, Senator Buck's recent advocacy on behalf of the CCSD FACES program has raised questions as to what she is looking for and why she is inserting herself in the workings of the public education, an institution she has worked hard at destroying since the earliest days of her career, as seen by her Doctoral dissertation on Homeschooling.

With the dialogue over charter schools, school choice and where those concepts fit in the current educational climate being overshadowed by the horrific optics surrounding Senator Carrie Anne Buck's behavior, calls for her resignation from the right are increasing daily. Whether Buck can withstand the pressure to step down is still to be determined , however if Mr. Lauer is correct, the Senator may not have a choice.

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