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Buck a "Failed Senator." Watch NV GOP Chair McDonald & Clark GOP Chair Law in exclusive interview

(Watch the entire interview below)

Years of patience paid off last night for Chris Dyer, a long time political fixture in both the Clark County and Nevada Republican parties. As both host and producer of the free speech focused PAA podcast, Dyer was forced to the sidelines of the Las Vegas area GOP during the controversial tenure of former CCRP leader David Sajdak. Now though, with Jesse Law having been swept into the office of Clark Chairman in a popular uprising against the alleged corruption and tyrannical acts of Sajdak's anointed successor Nevada Senator Carrie Buck (R-Henderson), his show has become a singular source of information for much of the activities and actions of both the Las Vegas area GOP, along with that of the state party.

Dyer's access and influence was never more apparent than in his latest episode. Early in the broadcast, as Dyer and Law recapped an overflow Republican Christmas party, Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald called in to join them. What ensued was an explosive, free wheeling interview in which McDonald, Law, and Dyer discussed a multitude of subjects including:

  1. Potential criminal charges against allies of Sajdak and Buck.

  2. Ethics charges and lawsuits filed against Buck.

  3. Michael Roberson and others "betraying" Nevada Republicans.

  4. Jenna Waltho, running against Justin Jones for Clark County Commission, being a potential straw candidate.

  5. Recent communication between Chairman McDonald and former President Donald J. Trump.

The show, which spanned an insightful 35 minutes, illuminated the rapport between the two chairmen and their respective organizations. It also showed the extent in which rank and file conservatives have been embraced by party leadership now that the Battle Born State's Republican civil war has ended.

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