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Calls to remove Superintendent Jesus Jara and CCSD President Linda Cavazos spotlight Trustee Cepeda

During a stunning afternoon of events, two factions seem to be continuing the 10 month long feud within the CCSD Board of Trustees.

While much discussion focused on the sudden appearance of Agenda Item: 3.01, relating to the termination of Clark County Superintendent Jesus Jara for convenience pursuant to NRS 386.330, a new agenda item has emerged. Thanks to the aforementioned Nevada Revised Statutes which allows for an agenda item to be posted when agreed on by three trustees, Item 3.02 has now been added to the upcoming meeting. 3.02 which calls for the removal of divisive Clark County School Board Trustee President Linda Cavazos means that a major district shake up could be underway or that possibly nothing will change.

With Doctor Jara’s contract having been renewed just a few months ago, the timing of his removal can have significant financial consequences for the district, as for Ms. Cavazos, her term as board president is set to expire in early 2022 and thus the effect of her leaving would be less severe for those working inside the Clark County School District along with the students and parents served by it.

The bigger question is why now? In the original vote to keep the Superintendent, Trustees Cavazos, Ford, and Guzman voted in the minority, while former President Brooks, along with her aligned block of Trustees Williams, Morales, and Cepeda gave the the embattled Jara a much desired extension and with it near full control of the district’s operations. With at least three trustees still firm in their positions from the spring, has President Cavasos found a swing vote to finally oust Jara and end their long running feud? If she hasn't an ignominious end to her time as President is almost certain.

At least one person close to Trustee Cavazos thinks that an intense lobbying effort has been under way to persuade one of her quieter peers to switch her vote, a vote that will have lasting ramifications for all involved. Our source, who works with all of the officials involved, suggested that eyes should now be focused on Trustee Irene Cepeda.

Ms. Cepeda, the most unassuming of members, has kept a relatively low profile during the internecine wars afflicting her colleagues, often times acting as a swing vote, if not as a full wild card, when it comes to the business presented before the much talked about, and often maligned, board.

In a year when Trustees Katie Williams and Danielle Ford have taken up much of the public's attention, the question of what decision Irene Cepeda will make on the items above is certain to leave observers guessing. And with a potential re-election bid to focus on, along with matters of redistricting, Covid vaccine mandates, and a threatened recall battle, Trustee Cepeda's time in the spotlight is only just beginning.

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