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CATASTROPHE: Multiple Nevada Intelligence Agencies HACKED. Sisolak; Lombardo directly connected

This meeting, which helped confirm the validity of the information that was compromised, took place less than 3 months prior to the hack which affected law enforcement agencies across Nevada.

A devastating security breach took place in the summer of 2020 which led to the public dissemination of significant amounts of operational strategies, tactics, and training protocols, along with the unmasking of hundreds of people, and their respective positions, involved in counterterrorism actions, narcotics interdictions, domestic surveillance operations, and other multiagency intelligence gathering divisions throughout Nevada.

In addition to the law enforcement personnel who have been exposed in the devastating release, thousands of more names belonging to both accused criminals and those who informed on them have also been leaked.

Among the batches of sensitive information included in the files are social security and driver's license numbers, email and database logins and the accompanying passwords, along with physical and IP addresses.

Multiple questions are now percolating as to the actions taken by Governor Steve Sisolak, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, and their public and private partners across municipal, state and federal agencies both prior to and after the cataclysmic event transpired. can confirm that at least one national organization with a location in Las Vegas is looking into the ramifications surrounding the hack from the perspective of civil liberties violations, due process questions, and whether Nevada Revised Statutes were followed by elected and appointed leaders throughout the Battle Born State.

Despite the developing nature of this story, will be releasing an extensive written account of how the leak took place, the agencies involved, specifics as to what information was revealed, and other significant details. That article will be published on January 10th, 2022.

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