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CCSD can't stop! Danielle Ford banned from the Board? "What about all the leaks to Sarah Ashton..."

"I'll never reveal a source. Ever. They can throw me in jail for civil contempt. I really don't care. The Constitution is my legal and moral guide. Our human right of Free Speech belongs to every person regardless of whether they hold office or are a prisoner." Sarah Ashton-Cirillo when asked about being given confidential information by public servants and private whistleblowers.

Late Friday evening Dr. Jesus Jara, the Clark County School District Superintendent, announced that he would continue in his role as the CCSD Chief Executive. In his short statement he mentioned a need to focus, "on the 305,000 students we’re here to serve." But his announcement wouldn't be the last that the students, parents, and voters comprising the District would hear from a school official over the weekend.

In a two part tweet Sunday afternoon, one equal parts succinct and vague, School Board Trustee Danielle Ford (District F) announced she was being excluded from Board meetings for "violating confidentiality." Speculation immediately ensued as to what Ford was referring to when she followed up by writing, "there is no definitive proof that any breach of confidentiality occurred." Attention first turned toward Sarah Ashton of, who has broken several stories relating to Clark County School Trustees over the last two months, before veering in the direction of an ethics complaint that Ford filed with Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford's (no relation to Danielle Ford) office on June 29th. During the November 18th Trustee's meeting, in which Dr. Jara's previous termination was revoked, Trustee Ford read into the official record portions of the allegations she made to the AG's office, allegations which stemmed for actions in a closed session. Neither action was confirmed as the impetus for the Trustee's shocking tweet., while unable to verify the reasons behind the stunning pronouncement, did receive confirmation from multiple sources close to the elected Board, that an effort is underway to strip Trustee Ford of her ability to join in closed sessions in the future and may have already gone into effect.

Ms. Ashton, the Las Vegas based publisher, confirmed that she has not been contacted by any authorities or representatives in conjunction to any actions taken against the District F official prior to Ford's weekend statement.

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