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CCSD Confidential: Move over Irene! As Cepeda dallied, Ford filed AG complaint. We have the files

As Trustee Irene Cepeda cryptically alluded to proof of violations relating to the Nevada Open Meeting Law statute, utilizing it as the impetus for a revote resulting in the reinstituting of Jesus Jara's contract with the Clark County School Board, Danielle Ford revealed a shocker of her own!

Attorney General Aaron Ford's office has been investigating allegations of open meeting law violations that Trustee Ford, who is no relation to the Nevada AG, filed herself in the summer. The facts alleged to by Ford, if substantiated, would potentially result in a retroactive removal of Jesus Jara as the CCSD Chief Executive.

Despite their being an active investigation, we are bringing you Ford's complaint in full, including a look inside of the confidential world of closed session CCSD Trustee meetings.

Trustee Ford's document, which is in the hands of the AG's office, can be read below:

(Please note that due to differing file sizes, you might see white space before reaching the next page. There are 17 pages in total detailing confidential activities of the Board.)

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