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CCSD email: Under siege Shadow Ridge Principal warns on attacks, protests, a lying mom and MAGA caps

With renewed tensions today at Arbor View Highschool, an August email sent from an under siege Clark County principal sheds light on what those on the inside are facing.

Located in a trove of emails released last week in collaboration with 'Make CCSD Great Again,' Shadow Ridge Principal Traci Kannon sent an email, tinged with exasperation, to CCSD Assistant Superintendent Brenda Larsen-Mitchell. Dr. Jesus Jara, the recently ousted District head was also looped in.

In her missive, Ms. Kannon laments the lies of parents, issues warnings for Arbor View and Centennial High Schools, all while noting that Katie Williams , the District B Trustee, was aware of the situation.

Months after the principal's desperate letter, battles over race and attacks on the legitimacy of arguments by both parents and administration continue at across county schools with no sign of abating.

You can read the full email here:

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