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CIVIL WAR! Michele Fiore's campaign manager, Rory McShane, accused of ripping off mogul PHIL RUFFIN

Sigal Chattah, the Republican wrecking ball who moonlights as a candidate for state Attorney General and labeled delusional Jim Marchant a "retard", while calling for the hanging of Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, is stirring up more drama within the Nevada GOP caucus.

As the 2020 election was winding down, President Donald J. Trump's Silver State bestie, billionaire casino mogul Phil Ruffin instructed his wife, Oleksandra, to wire $500,000 to political bad boy Rory McShane's federal Take Back the West PAC.

McShane, who currently reps Oath Keeper Princess Michele Fiore in addition to the election denying Marchant, was instructed to then purchase pro Trump television ads in the #WeMatter State.

What happened next is messy.

In addition to Take Back the West misfiling FEC finance documents relating to the Ruffin donation by declaring to the government that the money arrived after the election, Chattah then began to question if McShane actually purchased the ads.

Over multiple months the chatty Republican AG candidate made several bold statements indicating that McShane was facing retribution, if not prosecution, over the fraud allegations.

On one occasion Chattah texted, "Everyone one knows about Rory's Ruffin shakedown."

In another message Chattah was even more explicit regarding her worries of how it would look to be associating with anyone involved with McShane or his team, "I seriously don't want him or anyone from that group within 100 yards of a campaign sign of mine. I don't want to be associated with them. Nobody from there. And the Ruffin incident is getting around town."

Going further, the white collar defense attorney pondered if Rory McShane or his Las Vegas based assistant, Woodrow Johnston would be the first to speak to the feds during an investigation into the supposed misappropriation of funds.

However, it can now be exclusively reported that neither Rory McShane nor Take Back the West stole from the octogenarian casino owner.

In an exclusive sit-down with this publication, the verbose and defiant McShane showed all the bank transactions relating to the half a million dollar spend. Not only was everything accounted for, the firm's normal commission was cut significantly.

It is unknown at this time why Chattah was so insistent as to the veracity of this matter, but in this case, it's a good thing she didn't have a scaffold and some rope at the ready.

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