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Clark County GOP sues Senator Carrie Buck for racketeering. Others named include Silberkraus, Sajdak

Legal problems continue to mount for Senator Carrie Buck, the Republican from Henderson, Nevada. Late this afternoon, a lawsuit was filed against the sitting Senator and her allies, including former county Chairman David Sajdak, former Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus, Political Director Richard Maclean, and Dan Rodimer Campaign Manager Ed Gonzalez.

Multiple causes of action were included in the complaint. Among them was a civil racketeering charge, along with with civil conspiracy.

The 21 page document which was submitted to the Eight District Court by Reno attorney David O'Mara on behalf of the Clark County Central Committee is the latest salvo in an ongoing battle between a group led by the elected Clark County GOP Chairman Jesse Law and a renegade faction helmed by the disgruntled, and some would say disgraced, Ms. Buck.

None of the parties were available for comment at this late hour however the court papers, included below in their entirety, speak for themselves.

Complaint (filed copy)
Download PDF • 598KB

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