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CONFIRMED: Annie Black prepares Nevada CD-4 run. Website purchased; announcement expected Jan. 4th can confirm a rampant rumor that has spread throughout the Las Vegas political world. Annie Black, the one term Republican Assemblywoman from Mesquite, will be declaring her candidacy to represent Nevada's Fourth Congressional District.

On December 6th, one day after Chuck Muth, Black's former campaign manager, suggested the Assemblywoman was looking at running for State Senate, records show the domain name was purchased by an individual residing in Nevada.

Registration of the web name came on the heels of a fundraiser Black attended at the Trump Hotel with Lauren Boebert, the divisive Colorado Congresswoman, where talk of her potential run first circulated.

An official campaign kickoff announcement is expected on January 4th at an event titled Annie Black's ATF Happy Hour .

With her friend, Sam Peters, having been in the CD-4 Republican primary for almost 8 months, the ramifications of Black's entry in to the contest is unknown at this time.

However, since an unsuccessful insurgent challenge to Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, the freshman legislative official has attempted to make inroads with the Republican establishment, as seen in the photos below of Black with former Attorney General Adam Laxalt and Republican financier Don Ahern.

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