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Constitutional CLASH! NSHE Vaxxx vote drama as Regent Brooks pushes back vs. Gov. Sisolak's message

Hours before a contentious vote is set to take place regarding the Covid-19 faculty and staff mandate for employees of Nevada's institutes of higher learning, Governor Steve Sisolak has seen his attempt to weigh in on the matter rebuffed by University Regent Byron Brooks.

Sisolak's statement, which can be read in full below, encourages the Board of Regents to continue requiring proof of vaccination for the above groups moving forward.

However Brooks, in a response first reported by Julie Wooten of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, pushed back against the Governor's interest in the matter by releasing the following message:

“As much as I am pleased to see Governor Sisolak finally formally addressing the Board of Regents and the Nevada’s System of Higher Education almost two years after the pandemic started, I am happy to report to the public that the Board of Regents are doing exactly what we have been entrusted to do. As Governor Sisolak has said on several occasions, what elected officials are entrusted to do is make decisions based off of the current situation on the ground and adjust according to the needs of the moment, just as Governor Sisolak previously stated as the reason for his controversial decisions and months of long lockdowns.”

Coming just days after a deadlocked vote by the legislative council saw the suspension of the student Covid-19 vaccine mandate, and with intense lobbying taking place by both proponents and opponents of the measure, the final tally is too close to call at the moment. One thing is certain though, the debate on this issue and multiple others will keep the normally forgotten Board of Regents in the news for the foreseeable future.

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