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DEBBIE DOWNER! Henderson Mayor Debra March blocks journalist over tweet complimenting maskless grin

Trouble in paradise?


Trouble at Allegiant Stadium while grinning shoulder to shoulder with Raiders' owner Mark Davis?

Nope, not for termed out Henderson Mayor Debra March.

However, in light of her struggles to find traction in the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor, March was in no mood to discuss the photo or an accompanying tweet from publisher Sarah Ashton-Cirillo which can be seen below.

Initially March, the favored candidate of special interest groups, sports teams, and Nevada Dems' leader Judith Whitmer but not of Governor Steve Sisolak, engaged with Ashton-Cirillo in now deleted tweets and pointed out that masks weren't necessary at the game.

However, after the founder pushed back and asked if March would encourage Governor Sisolak to drop the mandate for all businesses, the suburban mayor went silent.

Then, once the longtime Nevada news outlet Network In Vegas picked up on it, the less than honorable Mayor March showed her lack of leadership, and went on to both delete the exchange and block the fiery writer from her Twitter feed.

When asked by her own publication what she thought of being blocked, the normally verbose Ashton-Cirillo became reflective, " Does it matter if I can't interact with the epitome of irrelevance? Deborah March is all that is wrong with politics in Nevada. And I mean that across both parties. Mack Miller has more courage than Deborah March, and Mack Miller literally plead guilty to deserting his nation. Now if Lisa Cano blocked me, that would hurt, Lisa and Kimmie Cole, those are the real contenders for the Dem nomination anyway."

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