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"Doth protest too much?" Convicted felon Mack Miller worked in COMMUNIST CHINA when he deserted

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

MAGA. Make America Great Again. Four simple words. Clear and concise the meaning is apparent. Adherents to its principals, steadfast in finding a pathway forward for the United States, share a love of capitalism and detest communism. And this holds true across the great expanse of the nation, especially among Republican politicians and patriots of the Battle Born state.

In a Nevada Republican party where candidates make certain to tout their belief in the Constitution, from long serving state party Chairman Michael McDonald's fight for voter integrity, to gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert's stand for medical freedom and equal protection, and Lt. Governor hopeful Stavros Anthony swearing allegiance to it as a city councilman, the nation's Bill of Rights matters to these men and most others in their orbit. However facts discovered about one infamous name among them calls into question the very facets of liberty and loyalty. Values that the Founding Father cherished.

Facts, found within the official 342 page court martial record of announced NV GOP Lt. Governor candidate Mack Miller, are stunning for any who worry about the influence of the Chinese Communist Party at the highest level of state government.

Mr. Miller, who entered a plea of guilty to charges that he deserted his unit at the height of the Iraq Surge, a conviction eventually changed to read AWOL, abandoned his fellow soldiers, taking refuge in communist China for months. While there he met a woman he'd fallen in love with online. And while that part of the story is known to some, a different aspect has never been reported until now.

According to the official judicial proceedings, records which show both Miller and his attorney willfully took part in and didn't object to, Miller intended to stay in China permanently. Additionally, despite his own testimony at one point claiming he tried to leave, proof of which was never presented in court beyond a baggage claim check, the perennial Las Vegas political figure stated that the Chinese government refused to allow his departure. However officials in the communist nation never charged nor arrested him with overstaying his visa. Yet, while love and paperwork issues can often be an answer unto themselves, the most significant questions lingering about the then fugitive's time among the communists are as follows.

Upon entering the American Consulate in Guangzhou, he identified himself as an "entrepreneur" and "lawyer" working on a "special project." And he wasn't there to return to his base. According to sworn testimony that has never been appealed, he went to get paperwork that would allow Mack Miller to marry a national of the People's Republic of China. It was then a special agent discovered Miller had deserted.

Finally prior to leaving the country a branch of the Chinese Government, the PSB, interviewed him in private. Special Agent Reese, of the US State Department, whose portfolio included human trafficking and human smuggling investigations was not allowed to attend. What was last said between the communist agents and Mr. Miller is a mystery, having never been officially disclosed.

While constitutionalists shudder at such images, what has come after Mack Miller's time living under the protection of communist Chinese authorities that have them truly aghast.

The verbose Miller has made his campaign about three main issues. The first is communist infiltration, the second sexual grooming, and the third "Uniting the States." In China, the communist led state allowed Miller to work on projects while he was afforded the opportunity to act as an entrepreneur and lawyer meanwhile a key witness for the prosecution was a special agent handling the horrors of sexual exploitation. The third part, Miller's slogan of "WUSA" which stands for "Working to Unite the States of America," cuts at the heart of the 10th amendment, a key component in addressing tyrannical overreach.

Where Miller's supporters will go from here is unknown. As a nation governed by the rule of law, and due process, along with freedom of speech, Mack Miller has every right to utilize the American way of life. And every voter can decide what that means in his case.

In reaching out to Mr. Miller last night, no comment was received by the publication of this story. expects more developments to arise regarding the Miller campaign in the coming days and will report as warranted.

The entire 342 page court-martial record can be found by clicking here

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