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Espionage and a Coup? Nevada congressional candidate Noah Malgeri lays out case for Milley execution

As a contentious week continues for Nevada congressional candidate Noah Malgeri, his campaign has just released a scathing follow up to recent the media attention his views on General Mark Milley have received.

Having previously stated, in an interview that went viral, that Milley should be hung live on C-Span, Malgeri now lays out his case as to the why. Over the course of five pages, the former JAG lawyer accuses the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of espionage against the United States, the crime of which is punishable by death.

Additionally Malgeri also calls President Joe Biden, "Fake," and then proceeds to name a core group of "elite middle management," which he believes are now supplicant to the People's Republic of China. Included in his list are President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others.

Thus far during his run for office Malgeri's backers have included Paul Gosar and Republicans for National Renewal.

Tomorrow will run our exclusive interview with Noah Malgeri where we touch on his views below, as well as many other areas of his platform.

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