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Et Tu, Fikisha? CCSD CEO Jesus Jara's tenure left reeling from ethics charges by "traitorous" Miller

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

In this exclusive report by we can confirm the impetus for agenda item 3.01, which calls for the potential termination of Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara.

Fiksiha Miller, the former candidate for Clark County District Court Judge, long time Public Defender, and now legal counsel for the nation's fifth largest school district, surprised many by taking on the role of lead collective bargaining negotiator for her union busting boss, the controversial school chief.

Now, in a turn of events that will be shocking to some, Ms. Miller may be single handedly responsible for Dr. Jara's potential downfall.

Multiple sources close to Ms. Miller and Doctor Jara have confirmed that a closed door session took place recently where explosive allegations were lodged by Ms. Miller against her direct supervisor.

The situation became so tense that the CCSD Board of Trustees had to step in, offering a modicum of protection to the District's lawyer.

This development helped lead to the stunningly rapid victory by CCEA head John Vellardita and his union. J.V. as he is known, became aware of the turmoil within the administration and utilized it to the advantage of staff and teachers across Clark County.

The question now remains if the triumvirate of Board President Linda Cavazos, and Trustees Danielle Ford and Lisa Guzman can do the same.

Their decision to call for Jara's ouster was directly predicated by the confidential closed session. A lingering question mark remains though. As we reported yesterday, Trustee Irene Cepeda is still not onboard with her colleagues.

Why? Simply because Ms. Miller's timing and motives have been questioned by many.

One official close to the events said Miller's allegations lacked "credibility" while several high ranking Democrats referenced her last night as "opportunistic" and "untrustworthy."

Another one of her former supporters, one who attended the Emerge program with her and was was close to Miller's judicial campaign, was blunt in their assessment. "Fikisha is traitorous. This is what she does, especially now that she's looking at running for office again."

Within the school system itself, Ms.Miller's defenders are as equally passionate. One admiringly let us know "The things that are going on in there, they had to come out, I'm proud of her."

Ultimately, whatever her motivations, the consensus among those on Sahara is that Miller's accusations have merit. With several public school employees alluding to working within an office environment at the Clark County School District that could only be reported as bullying and hostile.

When reached for comment Fikisha Miller invoked Attorney-Client privilege for all matters relating to CCSD and did not deny the session took place. Communication with her ended prior to confirming that she had indeed offered her resignation letter.

We were unable to reach Superintendent Jara.

As this story unfolds makes sure to check back with for exclusives you won't find anywhere else.

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