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Exclusive: CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara speaks to about Miami rumors; stability

Less than a week ago the stratified space of primary and secondary public education leadership was shaken with the announcement that Alberto Carvalho, the head of Miami-Dade County Public Schools was leaving the east coast in order to take the helm at the Los Angeles Unified School District. With Carvalho moving from the fourth largest district in the nation to the second, a gaping hole was left open in the 'Magic City.' Speculation about the post immediately turned towards Clark County School's Chief Executive Dr. Jesus Jara, a former Miami educator.

The interest in the story of "Jara to Miami," is so intense that it became a number one ranked Google search.

And now has heard exclusively from Dr. Jara regarding his former city, current goals, and what the future holds.

While it has been confirmed by those tied into the Miami educational community that Jara has been talked about, Dr. Jara himself had this to say, "I have yet to speak to anyone in Miami about their opening." Continuing on he added, "My focus is solely on the children in the Clark County School District, along with their families, teachers, and the entire group of professionals who can make their success a reality." When pressed about the future, Jara was succinct, "Stability is what's needed. It's needed today, and tomorrow, from all of us."

As students across Clark County prepare for winter break, attention will be paid to what is taking place in Las Vegas, as well as Miami, and a confident Jara will go into the new year with a renewed mandate to lead and an array of professional options to look into.

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