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Exclusive: Email log from Nevada fusion security breach reveals massive private surveillance network

As first reported by The Intercept , a study released in 2012 from the United States Senate stated that fusion centers “often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting to DHS, and many produced no intelligence reporting whatsoever."

Yet, as more information is uncovered about Nevada's two fusion centers and their specific domestic spying capabilities, one area of the program seems unaffected by the Senate's criticism while intruding upon the general populous in a startling and brazen manner.

A 2016 case study focused on the fusion centers' attempts to foster a relationship between the private and public sectors through such efforts as the formation of ADVISE. Conceived as "an all data virtual information sharing environment," the intent of the program was to operate as a "secure information sharing system developed and utilized by the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center to share information across sectors and partners."

While residents and visitors across Clark County are often aware of a near ubiquitous camera system draping the Vegas Strip, along with the interior of every casino, less understood is that the vast sprawl of the nanny state has quietly but rapidly expanded across Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. As of today it has seeped so deeply into everyday life that varied industries and businesses such as hospitals, religious institutions, shopping centers, utilities, private schools, non-profits, financial advisors, transportation companies, night clubs, and Tesla are all sharing information with the fusion centers.

Shown below are some of the many private companies and non profits, or people associated with them, acting in concert with governmental authorities. Grouped into general categories, the information in each section includes the respective email extensions and IP addresses which were logged when individuals registered, in most cases, for the SNCTC Private Sector reporting system. All of the addresses listed were located in a data file where they shared a sign up history with government agencies including the ATF, FEMA, the DOE, the DOJ and a plethora of other public entities. Note that while full names or handles were originally part of each email address they have been excluded from this article for privacy reasons.

  • Child Care

  • Religious

  • Financial

  • Healthcare

  • Shopping

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

  • Hospitality

  • Security / Law / Consulting

  • Financial

  • Utilities

  • General Companies

  • Political Action


  • Gaming (Golden Ent)

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