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EXCLUSIVE!! Has Mack Miller, candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor, engaged in campaign finance crimes?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Mack Miller, a longtime fixture in Republican politics in Las Vegas and now a candidate to be Nevada's next Lt. Governor, is no stranger to publicity or controversy.

Recently in the news for being forcibly and, some say, unfairly ejected from a Clark County Commission meeting as he advocated against a proposed speech resolution targeting health misinformation, Miller's past has become a talking point across social and broadcast media.

Part of that discussion focused on his prior attempts at achieving elected office. As his notoriety increased, scrutiny of his prior actions did as well. And now has a breaking exclusive relating to Mack Miller and his 2020 race for Nevada Assembly District Five.

In delving into his mandatory state financial disclosure form and contribution and expense filings, it appears Mr. Miller is in violation of multiple sections of NRS 293 and NRS 294 which clarify and codify campaign laws in the state of Nevada.

As you'll see below Mack Miller paid himself back $3,600 dollars at the end of his losing effort despite having loaned himself under $3,000 dollars.

Miller also failed to account for the disbursement of those funds, as the tally in his final report shows a large discrepancy between the last dollars he reported accepting and what was doled out. was also unable to find a discharge of Miller's debts in a Bankruptcy filing he initiated, which would indicate a potential problem with his Financial Disclosure Statement on file with the Nevada Secretary of State. That form indicates Mack Miller as having no substantial debts which is contrary to statements made under oath by him to the Federal Court in his bankruptcy petition. Unless they were in fact discharged those debts would still be presumably valid and reportable.

Other interesting aspects of the last C and E he reported to the state of Nevada election division is a payment to then current Proud Boy Matt Anthony (Yankley) with no reason attached and a $500 dollar payout to Check City a high interest, short term "payday" loan business.

Finally has attached a video showing a hat being passed around front of Mack Miller as he speaks of being arrested for a DUI. Our sources indicate this was used as tool by Miller to raise anonymous, unreported

cash donations. We will attempt to confirm this allegation.

While Mr.Miller is a passionate believer in multiple causes that his supporters espouse, these financial questions must be answered for him to be taken seriously as candidate for an office of such relevance as Lieutenant Governor.

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