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Exclusive Interview: Defiant CCSD Trustee Katie Williams "I'll never apologize." Looks to future

Nevada Uncensored brings you interviews with the people and public officials around the state who are pushing the narratives affecting our lives.

Our initial conversation is with School Board Trustee Katie Williams. Ms. Williams was elected in 2020 to represent the students of Clark County District B and is serving a four year term.

Originally slated to run yesterday several breaking reports emerged, relating to CCSD, necessitating the need to push back our interview. Trustee Williams obliged and and with the sunlight rapidly diminishing around my campsite we finally connected by phone around 6:30 pm.

With a history of firing back at her opponents online through vague tweets and biting innuendos, my first question to the Trustee revolved around recent tweet about violating ‘Open Meeting Laws.’ Who accused her and what did she have to say in defense to them?

Williams audibly laughed at my inquiry.

“People write stuff about me all the time, and now this is the newest thing coming up. So, I’m just gonna repeat it until they get tired. And I’ll say it now. I’ve never violated an open meeting law. The people saying these things just aren’t paying attention”

This led to me to broaching the subject of a blind item sent to me last week which suggested the possibility that Ms. Williams, a former pageant winner, was engaging in a relationship with a high ranking government appointee.

With formalities dropped, I asked her pointedly

“Katie, if this is you and you're seeing someone, are you worried about any ethics complaints arising from it?”

Letting out an exasperated sigh, the Trustee opened up.

“This wasn’t expected when I ran, the intense interest in my private life. Since people seem to want to know, I’ll confirm it. My husband and I recently divorced. Right now, our relationship is in a much better space, both as loving co-parents and close friends. In fact, we happily share custody but out of respect for his privacy and our daughters I’m not saying anything else about the topic, except to add I’m not interested in dating anyone, since my focus is on our daughter and my professional responsibilities.”

With this out of the way, we delved into the substance of some of the problems revolving around the District and its personalities.

“Katie, we used to be much closer, I think this is the longest conversation we’ve had since May? It’s out there in the public sphere that I’ve asked you to resign several times yet you're willing to speak to me now on record. I won’t ask you to reveal how you plan to vote, but you know I’m in favor of Dr. Jara’s firing, why are you speaking to me so openly?”

At that Katie and I shared a few words about continuously being lumped into together by some people and then she moved into her answer.

“I’m a believer in the First Amendment. I also believe in being accessible.”

With that I cut her off, reminding her that one of the most frequent complaints about her by her detractors is that she is not in fact accessible.

“Sarah, that’s just not true. I’ve never, never declined attending a community meeting that the District has set up, and I tell my constituents all the time, email me. If they email, I’ll work with them to arrange a get together. These suggestions that I’m not available, really are just politically motivated attacks on my agenda. Here is my email for all of your readers.”

And with that she insisted I publish her email.

The Trustee’s mention of attacks created a segue to address why I called on her to resign, specifically due to her use of inflammatory, baiting hashtags on Twitter. Asking her to take a moment and think about apologizing to the public for the use of QAnon associated acronyms and mocking appropriation of other groups' social justice campaigns, Katie responded without equivocation.

“No. Never. I’ll never apologize, and I don’t need to. Not only do I champion free speech, there is no need to apologize for something that I didn't do wrong.”

Pivoting away from the controversial social media posts, the accusations of fraud surrounding over one billion dollars in no bid contracts awarded by the current board and Dr. Jesus Jara came next.

Her tone previously defiant became explanatory.

“The board is aware of everything when it comes to the process of awarding contracts, and if we have questions we can request to have them answered. Not every contract goes to open bidding, at the District we need to have two or more comparable products or vendors in order to open it up. In the case of the article you’re referencing, to call them no bid is just a website trying to get clicks.”

With darkness now draping me, I headed into the tent to finish up the conversation.

“Katie, this week is meaningful. This week matters to students, parents, teachers, all the staff and the entire community. Can the board ever work together?”

“Sarah, we have great staff across the district, visiting schools, speaking to the teachers and administrators, all working toward greater student achievement. That's what makes me proud as a public servant. So yes, the board can work together, but not until we are able to gather a group of pragmatic, missioned focused people, who are willing to run for office and join me as fellow Trustees, with all of us just focused on making sure the kids come first. Without the drama and lies.”

I asked her who she thought needed replacing. She wouldn’t give me any names, choosing instead to issue a sweeping statement.

“Every single one of them who is out there causing chaos needs to be gone.”

Trustee Williams added a follow up.

“Sarah, what I know and other parents know and teachers know is that it all comes back to the kids. That’s it. My detractors can scream at me, and threaten me, and tell me they’ll recall me , or like you, that I should resign, but since it’s about the kids, I’m not going anywhere, not now, and not tomorrow. I’m fighting for students and the families of my district and county.”

Saying our goodbyes, I threw out one final question.

“Who are you endorsing for Governor?”

Thinking she’d decline to answer, she surprised me.

“Nice try, Sarah, but I told you I’m focused on the kids not the governor’s race, however, my guess right now is it will come down to Michele Fiore and Joe Lombardo.”

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