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Exclusive: Leaked email shows President Linda Cavazos champions open meetings; pushes back vs. Jara

Discovered overnight in the tranche of emails turned over to by the parental oversight group 'Make CCSD Great Again,' is the most stunning one yet.

CCSD Board President Linda Cavazos takes a stand for the public, and against a tiered system of entitlement, seemingly making it clear that neither the unelected bureaucrats employed by Jesus Jara, CCSD's reeling Superintendent, nor elected officials deserves special privileges. While also making clear her appreciation for public comment and transparency in the form of open meeting laws.

This email came in response to the push to force Clark County students, parents, and residents to wear masks at school function but allow for other such as the groups above to be exempted.

President Cavazos is adamant in stating elected officials "...cannot have one set of rules for ourselves... ."

While the email is cutoff, we have confirmed with multiple sources close to both CCSD and President Cavazos that she is the person who sent it, and the exchange took place through the official CCSD email system a few months ago.

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