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Exclusive: Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak; LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo have ties to CIA spy operation

As revealed by US Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, and reported in the Washington Post, the CIA has been spying on citizens of the United States through use of Executive Order 12333.

This admission by the Central Intelligence Agency regarding their surveillance of law abiding Americans has direct ties to the state of Nevada, as can exclusively report.

In January it was shown that the Nevada Department of Homeland Security, which is chaired by Governor Steve Sisolak and has Sheriff Joe Lombardo as its vice chair, contracted with a small Texas company that was the center of a hacking scandal and, likely, coverup. The data breach exposed vast amounts of law enforcement information across Nevada, and proved that local and state law enforcement agencies were sharing vast troves of data with federal authorities. Also sharing information? Groups such as a preschool, a high school, a political action committee focused on the Second Amendment, churches, hospitals, and charities.

This information was compiled by southern and northern Nevada fusion centers.

Now a document from the Federal Department of Homeland Security, dated on December 11, 2008 ties the aforementioned EO 12333 which the CIA operated under, and the fusion center programs which Governor Sisolak and Sheriff Lombardo utilized to run domestic intelligence gathering operation against everyday Nevadans.

Page 27 of the 2008 DHS paper connecting EO 12333 and fusion centers

This story is developing.

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