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Exclusive: Say What? NV GOP SOS candidate Jim Marchant labeled "Retard" by top tier Republican

Observers of Republican political activities across the Vegas Valley and state of Nevada are acutely aware of the wantonly destructive escapades marring the beginning stages of a longed for conservative comeback during the 2022 electoral cycle. Years of constant feuding between the county and state party apparatuses, only having recently come to an end, have numbed many participants to the near nonsensical actions of those inside the Silver State GOP, with the most recent court battle relating to intra party squabbles bringing allegations of racketeering and conspiracy being met by a cumulative yawn from all but the ongoing litigation's most bitter participants, the veneer of a unified Nevada Republican Party is reflecting bright across the state.

Yet resounding victories by Michael McDonald and Jesse Law seem to have done little to heal the scars of a battle now at a seeming standstill. With personal wounds still festering and primary matchups taking shape, new opportunities for erstwhile allies to bicker, feud, and attack one another are presenting themselves.

At an astounding broadside attack has been uncovered, launched by one conservative statewide contender against another, albeit not the attacker’s opponent but a candidate running in an entirely different race.

While often overlooked during statewide campaigns, the competition for the office of Secretary of State in Nevada has taken on a new urgency in the 2022 cycle. With the peddling of a disproven voter fraud conspiracy theory known as the "Big Lie" being touted by candidates and elected officials across Nevada and the United States, the role of chief elections officer looms large.

The importance of this position is such that, in a story first reported by Michele Rindels of The Nevada Independent, the leading Democratic contender for the position, Cisco Aguilar, rolled out pre-primary endorsements yesterday from former US Senator Harry Reid and current US Representative Steven Horsford. This powerful set of endorsements came early for Mr. Aguilar, as he attempts to separate himself from his only other notable Democratic opponent, former assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel, in hopes of gearing his messaging toward the general election.

Thus far those having announced on the Republican side include Gerard Ramalho, Richard Scotti, Kris Dahir and, the most visible among the would be primary contenders, Jim Marchant.

Former Nevada Assemblyman, Jim Marchant, known for absorbing two straight losses at the polls, one in defense of his former seat, followed by a doomed race for Congress against the aforementioned Mr. Horsford, is now trying to be into the position of an executive branch official. While a platform consisting of currying favor with Mike Lindell and repeating debunked claims of a stolen Biden victory in Nevada allowed for Mr. Marchant to stake claim to the position of early right wing front runner to replace the perpetually maligned Barbara Cegavske, not all within the highest echelons of the party believe he is capable or qualified to hold the post.

Despite the former Assemblyman’s adherence to a strict MAGA doctrine, his judgement and capacity for office is being questioned by Sigal Chattah. Ms. Chattah, a first time candidate in her own right, running for the powerful position of Nevada Attorney General, curiously chose to assail Marchant in multiple messages over the course of several months. In addition to lobbing harsh infectives at the failed 2020 Congressional nominee, Chattah also attempted to recruit multiple candidates into the race against him. believes this intense recruitment drive by the would-be Attorney General led directly to terminated television personality, and debonair man about town, Mr. Ramalho entering the crowded SOS contest. Ms. Chattah's greatest skills in the political realm, while yet to be truly tested, are her perceived loyalty to friends and allies, and the ability to take her renown litigation skills directly to the public to further her agenda. With Mr. Ramalho having served as a member on Ms. Chattah's much discussed campaign kick off committee, while also having interviewed her while still employed as a newsman, the Chattah-Ramalho link is strong.

While the root cause of Sigal Chattah’s disdain for Mr. Marchant can only be speculated on, Ms. Chattah boldly stated to the cameras at Channel 8 news that, in apparent disagreement with many supporters of Donald J. Trump, her experience as a lawyer did not allow her to believe the presidential election was stolen in Nevada from the 45th man to hold on the nation's highest office.

Possessing a view in such stark contrast to the one in which Jim Marchant has staked his electoral future may have also played a role in Chattah's decision to eagerly, and enthusiastically, debase a man earnest in his fictional beliefs and desperate to avoid the label of perennial loser. With Marchant staking his already shaky reputation as a serious choice for voters on his ability to amplify never proven allegations of voter fraud, and Sigal Chattah touting her legal expertise as the reason why she accepts Joe Biden as the rightful winner of Nevada's electoral college votes, desperation is bound to set in as these two try to sell wholly different narratives to their Battle Born neighbors.

And what exactly is it that Chattah said?

While some of the words in the first message will be painfully shocking to many, her statement was pointed, her criticism clear.

Responding to a suggestion that she contact a current elected office holder to gauge their interest in running, she quickly dismissed the recommendation based on the first term politician’s lack of experience before adding:

Not that the retard Marchant has any merit for the job.”

In a different messaging thread, seemingly imploring Marchant to take the same route as alleged carpetbagger Dan Rodimer by moving to a much redder state, Chattah piled on, invoking not just her nemesis but his longtime campaign manager Rory McShane along with a close female friend.

"Jesus Marchant... he needs to move to another state."

"... if Rory will take him and Qanon Nikki to Texas with him." has verified other communication sent by Sigal Chattah regarding her disdain for Jim Marchant and casting aspersions on his dreams of finally managing a second general election win but due to the highly inflammatory content is choosing not to print them at this time.

What this means moving ahead is a question for only the electorate to answer as both Ms. Chattah, Mr. Marchant and their teams look toward 2022. Rumblings of more entrants vying for a spot in the crowded conservative feud are growing stronger as several of the leading Republican gubernatorial aspirants are said to be unhappy with the current field of Secretary of State hopefuls.

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