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Exclusive: Spirited Katie Williams exhorts base "Be ready!"; Warns "Socialist Agenda is coming."

During the course of multiple conversations over the last several days, Katie Williams and I spoke on a multitude of topics. The comments she shares below were compiled following the firing of Jesus Jara. Among the information given to was the name of the person whom Trustee Williams believes is slated to be the next Clark County Superintendent. Find out whom that potential candidate is and what Ms. Williams believes that will mean for parents, students, and teachers moving ahead.

Less than a week ago, observers of the contentious Clark County School Board meeting last saw Clark County District B Trustee Katie Williams bolting from the dais after a heated confrontation with a fellow Trustee, Board President Linda Cavazos. In the moments after the District's Superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara, was fired, Trustee Williams, unleashing the personality that both supporters and detractors had come expect from her, defiantly yanked off her face mask. In challenging both county and state mandates in a bold act of political defiance, Trustee Williams actions simultaneously indicated to the public that whatever the forces were throttling her messaging during an initial 10 months in elected office, they were no longer a concern. She left, President Cavazos restored order, and the meeting continued.

Then came the fall out. Trustee Williams took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram issuing dire warnings of impending educational doom, going so far as to suggest for parents to "Pull your kids out of CCSD... ." Push back against the one person media blitz was strong, most of it either negative or met with skepticism, yet the Trustee forged ahead with her messaging.

Her ire was focused on several intertwining topics during our multi-session talks.

"These parents, the ones who are conservative, once they see what's happening, they will understand what I was doing. And it will pain them, pain all of us to see how good our kids had it under Jara, I'll never stop fighting though. Not for them, not for any of them."

What did Trustee William's mean by "What's happening?"

"A socialist agenda is coming, the type that you want Sarah, the type that the media loves and the woke culture wants to see. I stopped, I worked at it and I stopped it and now that work has been thrown out. But I won't stop fighting. I won't stop fighting against socialism, against woke culture, against leftist lies and propaganda. The Constitution won't let me stop fighting."

Forced to point out the obvious, that the Trustee had allied herself with Lola Brooks, one of the most highly visible Democratic Socialists in the United States, my question was blunt.

"Katie, how can people believe you when the allegations are out there that you followed everything a literal socialist had you do?"

"They can believe what they want but here's the truth. Who followed who? Jesus Jara is a Republican. If a socialist is voting to keep a Republican Superintendent in office who was really doing the following? I don't follow anyone. Why Lola Brooks chose to vote with me, a Turning Point Ambassador and proud supporter of President Donald Trump, to renew the contract of a GOP superintendent, that's a question that you and your friends should ask her. It's simple I don't follow anyone except in the military."

What do you say to the parents who feel betrayed by you? By your, and I'll say it nicely, change of direction from the campaign, when you promised to vote to end end Jesus Jara's tenure?"

"This what they don't get, the people you say feel betrayed. If they actually feel betrayed, or that's a word you are using, either way once I got there, in office, I saw just how awful it was, just how bad it was. Everyone who is taken in by Ford, at least people know that Lola is a socialist, but Ford, wow. Once I got there, I knew we had to keep Jara. He is all that stood between our kids and government tyranny in the schools. Jara stood up to vaccine mandates, Jara said we aren't penetrating those kids. Now, now I have to tell the parents to be ready! What's coming is bad. Covid shots. Coming. CRT. It's coming. Gender studies. Yup, coming. It's all coming. I tried to warn everyone. Now though, now I don't have to play nice. I'll play fair, I'll play by the rules, but I'm not playing nice. I'm playing to win. To win for the kids and parents of District B, and the other Districts as well, to play to win for the parents who don't want government bureaucrats brainwashing their children."

There was a pause. Long enough to think the phone connection was lost. The Trustee just named off every dog whistle of conservative education policy. If nothing else, the Katie Williams of old was most definitely back. But how long would she remain?

"Katie, will you be making more deals in the future? And if you are, will your voters realize it?"

"First off Sarah, the way you frame things. You're cute. I didn't make deals, never made a deal. My votes were part of the promise I made to the voters to keep the left from taking over our school system. And speaking of the left taking over the school system remember this name I'm about to tell you. This has been the plan by Sisolak and the state the entire time, and now the time is here because their coup was successful. The name of the people they want to run things are far more left than anyone could imagine and it's not just Chris G. they are looking at as the next CCSD Superintendent. Remeber the name of Jhone Ebert too. But promise me you'll announce it on 'The Johnny Bru show' when you go on there. I want my supporters to remember it, they have to remember it, because what's coming is bad. And I want them to remember when I told them that I tried, I tried and now they need to listen."


Click here to see a clip of the show where I let conservative talk show host John Bruchhagen in on Katie William's plans moving forward and her thoughts on Jhone Ebert, along with my thoughts on the CCSD meeting including the notorious "middle finger photo" and if I'm a fan of Linda Cavazos.

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