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Free Brittany (Sheehan)! The Nevada Mom, a GOP activist, was ARRESTED for saving daughter from abuse

A Nevada single mother. A convicted felon father. An innocent six year old girl. Of these three who is the one that should be sitting in the Clark County Detention Center right now? Well the headline gave it away.

Las Vegas Republican stalwart Brittany Sheehan was arrested in Clark County, based off a fugitive warrant from California, on December 1st. The charges? Kidnapping her own daughter. But while this isn't an infrequent occurrence, as non-custodial parents are often charged with similar offenses, Sheehan's case is different.

She does have custody. She also has a notarized agreement for her daughter to attend school in Henderson. Yet, as summer break was winding down, Brittany Sheehan was told that her ex had no intention of returning their child. A custody battle ensued, bouncing between jurisdictions, while Sheehan was forced to live with in fear for her daughter's safety. Eventually, the mom sprung into action.

Taking matters into her own hands, Sheehan went to her daughter's temporary California school and picked her up. And they drove home to Nevada. Happiness ensued.

Until it didn't.

A vindictive school, an out of control bureaucracy, and a father with no concern for his child's welfare conspired to have Brittany charged with the aforementioned kidnapping, and several other crimes. And so she sits in jail. Tormented. Her daughter helplessly alone with a father bent on revenge.

You can read about the entire case by clicking on this link, but the reality is that some stories should have never needed to be written.

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