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Friday Exclusive! Will groundbreaking former prosecutor Kathleen Bliss be Nevada's next US Attorney?

On the heels of Jason Frierson's name being uncovered as being in the mix for the post of Nevada's next US Attorney, a story broken after exhaustive research by Humberto Sanchez of the Nevada Independent and exclusively reported by that news outlet on Thursday evening, a new front runner for that powerful position has emerged.

Kathleen Bliss, the unassuming former prosecutor who now runs a defense firm in Henderson, enjoys widespread support from a unique mix of law and order conservative Nevada politicians and an overwhelmingly number of influential liberal trial attorneys.

This bipartisan push, along with potential worries by senior FBI personnel concerned about seeing investigations neutered by the go along, get along Frierson, has resulted in Ms. Bliss now being looked at as someone whose potential nomination could clear the gridlocked US Senate with ease.

As a Native American female, Bliss touches on the desire of the Biden Administration to acknowledge the importance of the nation's indigenous population while at the same time nominating a no-nonsense prosecutor who can wield the power of the Justice Department fairly and efficiently.

A decision on the nominee is expected soon, and while Kathleen Bliss was not available for comment, those close to her in both Nevada and Washington, are clearly hopeful as to her appointment.

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