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'Honey Badger' does care? NV Congressional hopeful April Becker scrubbed QAnon "Great Reset" tweet

UPDATE : 1:57 PM : A source reached out to us and shared a link showing that April Becker still has her QAnon related conspiracy video post available on Facebook.

(The original story continues below the photo of Ms. Becker's Facebook page.)

Honey Badgers took on significant cultural relevance during the last decade, spread across the internet thanks to a multitude of memes and videos with a singular message in common, "Honey Badger just don't care." While it's a cute notion, there is always an exception to every rule. In 2021 at least one would be Honey Badger most certainly does care. And this has opened them up to charges of hypocrisy, in an effort to hide their extremist past.

On November 16th, the Nevada Independent's Riley Snyder reported that April Becker, the Las Vegas area lawyer running to represent CD-3 in Congress, "registered a leadership PAC with the FEC." While an action like this isn't unusual in for those seeking office, the name of the PAC itself, Honey Badger, certainly was. This is especially true of a candidate who just one election cycle ago was pleasantly serving sweet treats to kids in her branded ice cream truck.

For those familiar with April Becker's political career, the name struck them as nonsensical, considering she very much cares about what consultants, donors, and political power brokers think about her. And this desire for acceptance, and to win, caused her to seemingly scrub her own radical, extremist past from the internet. However, at, we have the screen shots that will make the voters of her district find out if she truly is a "Honey Badger," or just another politico willing to hypocritically hide her past.

On January 10th, in the heady days after the Capitol Hill insurrection, April Becker was ready. Ready for the Qanon centered "Great Reset." According to Newsweek "The "great reset" is a conspiracy..." based "...around the belief that world leaders and global elites somehow planned the pandemic for their own personal gains." The date the reset was supposed to take place: January 20th. Inauguration day. And Ms. Becker prepared for the event by sharing a YouTube video entitled, 'THE GREAT RESET'. While Becker wasn't the only Republican candidate interested in the unhinged contents of the Qanon cult, Sam Peters also liked her tweet, she was the most vocal in the days after January 6th, touting social media handles on 'Gab' and 'Parler' as a way to follow her fringe ideas.

11 months later, April Becker is still running for office, but the most incendiary tweets are gone. Questions linger though, about her posts, the videos, and what voters are willing to accept from a woman who went from handing out ice creams to running around with militia members and preparing for a cult driven conspiracy to unfold.

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