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If momentum matters, Joey Gilbert has it. Nevada Governor hopeful unveils another major endorsement

Just days after the Joey Gilbert campaign for Nevada Governor rolled out the endorsement of former Trump administration National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn, today the the Gilbert for Governor communications team revealed another high profile backer. In a video and an accompanying press release they announced the full throated support of Leigh Dundas, who the campaign introduced as an international human rights lawyer and medical whistleblower, for Gilbert's gubernatorial aspirations.

The Gilbert for Governor press office provided the following statement to

Leigh Dundas changed her life's work in 2013 while visiting New Zealand with her husband and young daughter, Katya, after reading about Asian human trafficking. She decided then to use her legal skills against people who engaged in human trafficking and child sex slavery. Her focus recently returned to America after state governments began lockdowns and mandating masks to control the spread of COVID-19.

Dundas has been an outspoken opponent of mandated masks and vaccines, especially for children. She calls vaccines biological weapons inserted into American test subjects, in violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which forbids human experimentation without informed consent. Dundas contends vaccination under Emergency Use Authorization is medical experimentation and that children are incapable of giving informed consent.

She founded the California non-profit Advocates for Citizens' Rights and has crusaded against officials in that state who advocate mask and vaccine mandates. One of her newer causes is helping Gilbert get elected as the next governor of Nevada. "He is an amazing person," Dundas said about Gilbert. "This guy knows how to take a hit and keep on going." Dundas said his ability to shrug off hits is necessary for the long struggle the country faces. "This is the man that needs to be governor of Nevada," she declared.

The crusading lawyer recalls talking with a Nevada family she met in a Tennessee restaurant recently. "He was like, 'We need a new governor,'" Dundas recounted. "I've got the man for you," referring to Gilbert. Human Rights Lawyer Leigh Dundas Endorses Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor "This is a man who knows who God is, what our liberties are about, and what the Constitution is about," Dundas exclaimed," and that is the exact type of fighter you need."

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