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Intervention! PR chief for Las Vegas TV star "Dom" Dave Marlon decries lewd allegations. Name leaks

An early morning tweet storm by Matt Yemma, Dave Marlon's press representative, called into question the multitude of accusations of sexual assault swirling around his client. However in a stunning twist, the doubts Mr. Yemma attempted to raise were called into question later in the day by longtime local journalist Dana Gentry. Ms. Gentry went so far in refuting Mr. Yemma's denials on behalf of Mr. Marlon that she published the name of the person referred to in an earlier article only as "Accuser #2." A person whom she stated Mr. Marlon had "settled with."

Yemma began by lamenting journalists who didn't "...look at the facts." And then proceeded to launch into Marlon's defense by stating "You are going to have lots of things to retract and correct and in the coming weeks." Utilizing the hashtag #morewillberevealed, he promised that Dave Marlon, the former Las Vegas political candidate and star of the television show Intervention, would be made available for an interview " the appropriate time."

It was then a stunning series of events took place. Matt Yemma, the longtime Nevada political operative, made what appeared to be a significant strategic blunder requesting that "This entire thread is off the record and not for printing." Yet, his Twitter focused strategy PR strategy was already publicly available, with Mr. Yemma having tagged news outlets and the Daily Mail, as well as the award winning reporter Dana Gentry. Alerted, Ms. Gentry launched into her scathing response. Beginning by reminding Yemma his thread couldn't have been off the record since "It's on Twitter!" Gentry then fired back at Mr. Yemma's suggestion of doctored texts by asking "If the texts are fake why did Marlon settle with Name redacted / Accuser #2?" Ms. Gentry ended up with the final word.

After news of the settlement reached the public, reached out directly to Dave Marlon for a response to the morning's back and forth. He has not responded by the time of publication. will update this story as warranted.

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