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It's Thanksgiving! Gratitude for sources and text messages from alleged sex abuser "Dom" Dave Marlon

Yesterday was an amazing day. After two weeks of interviews and research, and a week of editing, The Nevada Independent ran my column on the strife afflicting the progressives and socialists who comprise the formal power base of the Democrat party in Las Vegas and Nevada. While I have expressed my thanks an innumerable amount of times to the the paper's editor, Elizabeth Thompson, and its publisher, Jon Ralston, for their support and help, neither that story, nor most others, would have been possible without another group of amazing people.

My sources.

If those anonymous heroes didn't exist, whether the 12 socialists who spoke to me about the inner workings of the county and state political operations, or others from across multiple spectrums of professions, educational levels, and political affiliations, my goal of tearing down media gatekeeping and bringing information directly to the public wouldn't be possible.

So again, thank you to all those who have provided me with information, and to all those reading who will. I'll never betray your trust, and always publish the truth.

It's because of a source that is able to add details to the story which came out last week in the Las Vegas Review about the lawsuit documenting the sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by Dave Marlon. According to court filings the now former CrossRoads CEO and failed Las Vegas City Council candidate is said to have committed heinous acts against a former employee. is now aware of at least one other woman who raised similar allegations against Marlon. Due to the keen public interest in the case we are publishing some details of that person's interactions with the married Marlon.

In correspondence and accompanying pictures, three files stand out.

  1. A batch of Venmo transactions. The payments, done for work between accuser #2 and Marlon, were only released if Marlon was said to have been given a hug by the second accuser.

  2. A message from the woman's father indicating that Dave Marlon contacted him with a warning for his daughter.

  3. A text from Dave Marlon to accuser #2, referring to being ready for a "hand job." This was sent around 1:30 pm on a Tuesday.

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