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Just Politics? GOP AG candidate Sigal Chattah donated to Cortez Masto backed Supreme Court Justice

Despite a campaign by Sigal Chattah, the Las Vegas lawyer and presumed Republican nominee for Nevada Attorney General, that has leaned heavily into tired tropes from the MAGA-verse, can now reveal a donation by the would be AG which further calls into question her already shaky conservative credentials.

Records show that Chattah is a supporter and benefactor of Lidia Stiglich, who made history as the first openly gay Nevada Supreme Court Justice and was endorsed early in her career by the liberal icon Catherine Cortez Masto.

In 2018, on the same contribution report showing Stiglich receiving a hefty donation from current AG Aaron Ford's former employer Eglet Prince, Chattah gifted the trailblazing LGBTQ Justice an exclusive "gala" ticket.

While such donations are normal in the course of the elections, the virulently anti gay and anti trans language being utilized by Chattah's supporters this cycle are at odds with the novice pol's past actions and will continue to create a fissure in the narrative as to what Chattah truly believes.

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