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Lauren who? Watch NV GOP political novice Sigal Chattah's clownish attack ad targeting Ilhan Omar

A week of back and forth battles between Congresswomen Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) culminated yesterday in Rep. Omar playing an audio recording of a death threat she received, one accompanied by vile comments relating to her race and religion.

And while Rep. Boebert's initial remarks during their feud are considered the catalyst for the menacing message Omar received, it's not the first time the Minnesota official has been targeted by a fellow politician.

Another video aimed at Omar recently resurfaced in Nevada, this one from performative politician, and first time candidate, Sigal Chattah. Chattah, a Las Vegas attorney running to be Nevada's Attorney General, released the ad in late August when it initially drew mockery for its amateur quality and efforts at manufactured outrage. However, in light of the now publicized warnings against Omar's life, the video is receiving renewed scrutiny due the inflammatory language and dubious claims raised in it by the Republican Chattah against a Democrat located more 1,500 miles away from the Las Vegas.

While Congresswoman Omar headlined one fundraiser for the Nevada Democrat State Party in mid November, she has no other ties to the state's AG contest nor the Nevada political world in general. So why did this seemingly random, leading, and hate filled attack ad against Omar get released by the down ballot Chattah? The most likely answer came from Sigal Chattah herself at the end of the ad. Apparently, it was all just a shameful effort by the publicity hungry lawyer to have a chance to go "viral" at the expense of engaging in proper discourse and dialogue in her attempt to become the "We Matter" state's top law enforcement officer.

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