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More Than a Hashtag's boycott of Piero's OVER! Glusman apology showcases Vegas group's influence

Despite facing unrelenting harassment from Las Vegas area policing agencies, and the office of Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, the direct action, restorative justice organization More than a Hashtag recently achieved a stunning victory.

As covered exclusively by, a boycott of Piero's Italian Cuisine was instituted against the landmark restaurant after a protest outside the venue focused on Wolfson by MTAH turned ugly. Two members of the Glusman family, the owner operators of the establishment, confronted the group and a melee, parts of which were captured on video, ensued. Evan Glusman, son of Piero's patriarch Freddie, was caught shouting obscene invective at the protest participants before ultimately destroying one of the activist's phones.

After almost 2 months of negotiations, as More Than a Hashtag's position began resonating throughout the community, Glusman signed a stunning letter of apology for his actions along with offering restitution, financial and otherwise.

As seen in the documents below Evan Glusman says he was, "completely wrong." Furthermore he committed himself to "learning," and "growing," as part of the incident's outcome. Additionally the younger Glusman pledged thousands of dollars to different individuals and community groups, along with a promise to attend an educational class, all in an effort to try and make amends for his repugnant attitude towards multiple minority groups during his display of unhinged behavior.

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