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Move over Mainstream Media! just hit 100,000 views in less than five months

When people ask about the genesis of, the simple answer was to bring #NewsUncensored to readers. That meant engaging in journalism that was free of the advocacy bias and the gatekeeping too often associated with mainstream media. And according to our most recent visitor counts we are succeeding in doing just that.

On September 17, 2021 the site launched. As of today, according to Google Analytics which was installed two weeks after our first story ran, we reached 100,000 page views.

Although some accuse us of a bombastic editorial style which pushes up against the boundaries of tabloid press practices, we are proud of the product that is produced and the style in which our articles and opinions are published. In the immortal words of the literary visionary, and First Amendment champion, Al Goldstein: "We will apologize for nothing."

A more in-depth history of the, and its mission to bring brutally honest coverage of Las Vegas and Nevada Political News to the masses, will be told at later date.

For now let us say thank you to every visitor we've had, every person who has professed their hate towards what we do, and offer the biggest of hugs to all those who have passed on a kind word or more.

I can't end without giving an extra shoutout, and my deepest gratitude, to:

Patricia Farley

The Vegas Lawyers

Amy Tarkanian

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