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My Twitter suspension for speaking the truth equals more time to report on Russian terrorism and Put

Here's the suspension notice.

It came because I was one of the first, if not the first, to tweet out confirmation of the castration of a brave Ukrainian hero by the Russian terrorist.

Because of this, I've made the decision to post the video here on

Ultimately, I've ignored my writing for too long, this is a chance to dig even deeper into the story of Ukraine's valiant battle for liberty and freedom.

In light of the work that I do here, and the absolute target I’ve become for both the Russians and Twitter, any financial help is appreciated so I can push further into every vital story regarding the defense of Ukraine, and the atrocities and barbaric nature of Putin’s war criminals and fascist army.

The links to donate are below:

(As a freelance journalist and war reporter, I rely on you, the reader, to help me bring eyewitness news to the world. Please help me continue to publish Trans at the Front by contributing through PayPal, Patreon, Cash App, or Venmo.)

I’d also ask that you share this site on Twitter and elsewhere, so I can report directly to the readers, without pro-Russian censorship taking hold.

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