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Nevada AG Aaron Ford: NO VIOLATION of OML. Trustee Danielle Ford and Sylvia Lazos(?) left to regroup just received Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford's opinion regarding the June, 2021 Open Meeting Law complaint filed by Clark County School Board Trustee Danielle Ford. Trustee Ford's (no relation to the Attorney General) accusation focused on a potential violation relating to CCSD's contract negotiations with Superintendent Jesus Jara was found to be without merit.

A plain reading of the document leaves open two questions:

  1. Why is charter school proponent and Twitter gadfly Sylvia Lazos' name attached to it?

  2. Does this now exonerate Trustee Ford from the claims that she recently violated closed meeting confidentiality regulations ? Violations which led to her banishment from certain CCSD Trustee sessions.

This is a developing story.

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