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Nevada Uncensored: An exclusive conversation with Ozzie Fumo, candidate for Clark County DA

Nevada Uncensored brings you interviews with the people and public officials around the state who are pushing the narratives affecting our lives.

Our second conversation is with former assembly member Ozzie Fumo. Mr. Fumo served Nevada during the 2017 and 2019 legislative sessions, after which he ran for the state Supreme Court. While coming up short during that campaign, he has now announced a run for Clark County District Attorney, challenging incumbent Steve Wolfson in the Democratic primary.

Earlier this year, with spring having turned to summer and the the post legislative lull settling over the political class, many in Nevada began tending to life outside their preferred contact sport. One candidate however was actively focused on a return to office. It was during this time that I received a message from Ozzie Fumo. The verbiage brief, the content pointed. It read “I’m running for DA, and announcing next week.”

His brief text, one prompting a flurry of calls by me to several high ranking Democrats, along with past supporters and donors of Mr. Fumo, caused each of my conversations to come down to one question.

Did Ozzie Fumo have a chance in a race against the incumbent DA, Steve Wolfson?

There was no consensus, with mixed responses ranging from “Not a chance” to “Wolfson is done.” Ultimately though, while the brief and limited survey I conducted was wholly unscientific and driven mostly by the respondents own biases and self interest, all but one of those with whom I communicated that afternoon believed Mr. Fumo had some opportunity to pull off the monumental upset.

And then no announcement arrived. Months passed. A few times the topic of his possible run came up, but most were left mystified.

Finally, the time arrived for the candidate and his campaign team. In mid-October, Mr. Fumo issued a press release setting out his challenge to Mr. Wolfson and the race was on.

This would mark the second consecutive election cycle where Mr. Fumo would be running for a high profile position. In 2020, he launched a bid for an open seat on the Nevada State Supreme Court against sitting Eight Judicial District Court Judge Doug Herndon. In a race where neither man gained additional electoral traction after the June primary, Fumo lost to Herndon by 9 points.

With a belief in, and need for, full disclosure, late in that race a Political Action Committee I was affiliated with tried to step in and attempt to narrow the gap the Fumo campaign was clearly facing. However, against a massive spending difference and the failure to make any inroads among the northern Nevada voting pool, Mr. Fumo’s efforts, and that of the PAC, came up short.

Now, as a member of the media, my view of Mr. Fumo’s newest endeavor would be entirely different.

With my first attempt to interview Mr. Fumo postponed by his professional obligations to clients, we worked around his robust schedule as an active and respected criminal defense attorney to finally catch up by Zoom.

During our wide ranging discussion Mr. Fumo was extremely candid with his responses while broaching an array of subjects. The entire, unedited conversation can be watched here:

Ozzie Fumo speaks with Nevada Uncensored

For those interested in more specific aspects of his candidacy, find out where Ozzie Fumo stands on a variety of topics, in his own words, below:

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