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Oh No! Ah...NV CD-3 candidate Noah Malgeri praised asylum and took Sisolak grant before going MAGA

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders is a prestigious law firm. One that values inclusion and, when Noah Malgeri was employed by them a decade ago, a commitment to diversity. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is a private, non profit organization in Las Vegas offering, "...access to justice." When Noah Malgeri worked for LACSN a major component of their mission was the practice of immigration law.

Noah Malgeri is an attorney, having first focused on military justice, then moving into private practice as a patent lawyer before becoming an award winning director of the aforementioned Legal Aid Center. Having left the legal field in June of 2021, he is running to represent Nevada's third congressional district in the 118th US Congress as a Republican.

In espousing notions of conspiracy such as one touting that an, "illegitimate cabal...stole our transform our beloved republic into an authoritarian, Marxist regime," Malgeri attracted the attention of national figures such as Wayne Allyn Root and received the endorsement of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar. However on the heels of a contentious lawsuit with the renegade GOP leaning consulting firm McShane LLC, the first time candidate has seen his support from Gosar disappear and media scrutiny of his run increase. And with attention now being paid to it from the likes of the venerable Jon Ralston, Malgeri's entire platform and past actions are being examined.

What has been discovered is that same man who, in addition to railing against Marxist infiltration, is now calling for a shutdown of the southern border and the denial of refugees to make their claims in the US. Along with his immigration plank, Malgeri revealed to long time Las Vegas political activist Steve Sanson that General Mark Milley should be executed live on C-SPAN. Yet, prior to announcing his candidacy, Malgeri actively advocated for asylum seekers, and saw his newest business venture seeded with revenue gifted to him from the office of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. Furthermore, records show Malgeri's current lawsuit against McShane, LLC is the second active one he is part of, the other being a Federal Court case in Florida against the maker of an over the counter pill used to alleviate depression, among other health benefits.

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is often times the last resort for the economically disadvantaged and societally disenfranchised with a cornerstone of the work they are able to accomplish throughout the Vegas Valley thanks to their Pro-Bono Project. That office connects highly qualified private attorneys with clients in need of various services, all at no cost. For nearly five years, Noah Malgeri was in charge of the program, leaving just prior to his entry into the political arena. While in that role, Malgeri advocated for immigration rights on multiple occasions, including at least twice on video. Once was during "National Pro Bono Week," the other as presenter of the 20th annual Pro Bono Awards, where Malgeri personally recognized one lawyer whose work specifically focused on asylum cases.

Although Malgeri's sudden, jarring flip-flop on immigration has never been addressed, one area he is proud to discuss is his current business undertaking, Mojave Rail Fabrication Limited. The firm's only product is a "patent pending" device intended to,"...revolutionize the industry of automobile roof racks." A significant amount of funding and work for this product came from a six figure grant funded by public revenue and awarded to Malgeri's firm by Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak's Office of Economic Development. Additionally, Mojave Rail was given the use of award winning students from UNLV's College of Engineering who have worked on the design and development of the rack at no cost to Malgeri or the firm. Malgeri prides himself on innovative ideas and his current tax payer subsidized project is finding more success than his last effort, an invention for a supposed environmentally friendly washer which Malgeri titled a Clean, Green Commercial Laundry. That project raised zero dollars of the hoped for $350,000 from the crowd sourcing site Indiegogo before being shuttered.

Despite his professional endeavors and political ambitions, Malgeri has still found time to go to court. Although the McShane case is new, the federal case he's involved in has been going on for over two years with Malgeri himself being listed as a lead plaintiff for the potentially class action suit. The court's docket shows those proceedings as ongoing, with the latest entry coming on December 16, 2021.

With fierce competition in the CD-3 GOP primary, including trying to play catch up to current conservative front runner April Becker, and the incumbent Democrat Susie Lee potentially waiting for him in the general election, Malgeri's campaign must stabilize quickly. And part of that undertaking will be for Noah Malgeri to explain to supporters, and a skeptical media, exactly what he believes in now, and what caused such a shift in his views and values from just a few months ago.

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