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Outsiders no more? New poll shows lead for Joey Gilbert. Sam Brown; Sharelle Mendenhall make strides

Last week a story suggested that northern Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert had momentum and now a recent poll backs up that analysis.

Data released by Liberty Watch Magazine is telling. Despite being riddled with grammar errors, spelling typos, and a lack of transparent methodology, the flash poll of 800 Republican voters taken in early December shows Gilbert having made tremendous strides in the categories of name recognition, favorability ratings, and overall voter preference. According to the poll, if the vote was held today Joey Gilbert would be the choice of Nevada Republicans to face incumbent Governor Steve Sisolak.

In the United States Senate race, former Republican AG Adam Laxalt the presumptive front runner, seems to be running into serious doubts about his candidacy in the face of spirited challenges from first time statewide candidates Captain Sam Brown and Sharelle Mendenhall.

In another December flash poll from Liberty Watch Magazine, this one consisting of voters across the political spectrum, Adam Laxalt has upside down approval ratings. Furthermore, Laxalt trails both Brown and current Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto in a hypothetical three way match up. While Mendenhall was not included in the polling, an opening seems to exist for her and her platform, with double digit voters stating they were rejecting all three of the above US Senate choices.

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