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Red Rock Dems President, a DSA darling, partied with creator of Omar hate ad at Vegas police event

"No permanent enemies, and no permanent friends," is an axiom within the Las Vegas political scene. But one duo of craven political climbers seem to have forged a friendship so deep that at least one of them has been willing to sell out her comrades, and professed beliefs, for a chance at acceptance by a self perceived political power broker, political opponent to Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, and creator of the clownish, yet terrifying, attack ad on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Las Vegas lawyers, Anna Albertson and Sigal Chattah, have publicly emerged on the political circuit over the last two cycles, with Albertson unsuccessfully running for a District Court Judgeship, and Chattah undertaking a quixotic effort versus a popular Attorney General. While their relationship, including a donation from Albertson to Chattah, was documented in an expose on Albertson by, new information has emerged a day after Chattah's unhinged effort to discredit Rep. Omar surfaced anew.

During the October 15th, 2020 regular meeting of Vegas DSA, it was announced that Anna Albertson was endorsed by the chapter, despite apparent hesitation by the group's own leadership at the time. In the recorded notes seen below, Albertson was said to desire "all kinds of help for her campaign..." What the membership had no way of knowing is that help included assistance from proud Zionist and MAGA supporter, Sigal Chattah.

Just six days later, on October 21st, an overlooked entry to the Albertson campaign shows an in-kind gift from Chattah for a "special event." can now confirm that the event was the major annual fundraiser for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation, Metro's charity arm. Also joining Albertson and her patron were Councilwoman Michele Fiore.

While supporting charities and non-profits is a wonderful use of money, the fact that Albertson would speak to the general body of a Socialist gathering, railing against her then opponent's "unacceptable legal record that works against black people," the idea of her partying with the police and avowed enemies of socialist policies was likely inconceivable to the Las Vegas DSA at the time.

Now, with Anna Albertson's rising to the Presidency of the Red Rock Democrat Club and looking closely at another run for the judiciary, her unbridled support and tight embrace of Sigal Chattah and, as a presumed extension, Chattah's hatred for the Nevada Democrat State Party's most recent guest, Ilhan Omar, most certainly will be examined by those in Dem leadership across Clark County and the state of Nevada.

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