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Sarah Speaks: Move over IRS! Is Michele Fiore being audited by the Church of Scientology?

Free speech champion, and head of the 'Expel Michele' effort to recall current Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore, Molly Taylor posted a brief snippet on Twitter today pointing out a request by another Twitter user who asked members of the social media platform to amplify an underreported story relating to the idiosyncratic Fiore.

The tweet from @KimberlyJPI examined reports dating back to 2018 by investigative journalist Tony Ortega. Ortega, an expert on Scientology, originally took an interest in Ms. Fiore thanks to a 2015 article in 'Raw Story' covering her belief that cancer comes from a fungus. This led to his first write up on her, one which produced a tantalizing assortment of hints which clearly showed a definitive association between the controversial religion and the gubernatorial hopeful.

Shortly after the Ward 6 Councilwoman's announcement of her plans to challenge for the GOP nomination to Nevada's highest office, more than three years after his original story, Mr. Ortega revisited his belief in Fiore's Scientology bonafides, if not full organizational membership.

Among the ties connecting Ms. Fiore to Scientology was her luxury voyage on the church's cruise ship "Freewinds," speaking engagements at church events including "Foundation for a Drug Free World" and "Ideal Org," along her reliance for policy advice on the "Citizens Commission On Human Rights International," a group utilized by Scientologists to condemn the use of psychiatric meds.

With the separation of church and state a fundamental aspect of our nation's rule of law, Ms. Fiore's religious beliefs, whatever they maybe, if she holds any at all, must be fully respected. Upon reaching out directly to Councilwoman Fiore for this story, I received no comment. That said voters of Nevada, myself included, are certainly curious as to why the outspoken actress cum calendar girl, has been silent on her potential membership. After all we deserve to know if our potential Governor will be leaving us to serve out a billion year contract.

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