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Senate candidate Captain Sam Brown "No American deserves to be harassed for their political views."

Captain Sam Brown, the humble Purple Heart recipient and plain spoken candidate running to represent the state of Nevada in the United States Senate, is making the First Amendment a key cornerstone of his campaign platform. And people throughout the Sagebrush State, tired of being condemned for their beliefs, are responding in resounding fashion.

As reported by Jacob Solis of the Nevada Independent, Brown’s third quarter fundraising totals, which broke the seven figure mark, leaves him in rarified air in the race for the GOP nomination, as the only other candidate to achieve that milestone in the crowded primary field is 2018 gubernatorial runner-up, Adam Laxalt.

And what’s behind this number, a stunning amount, for a political neophyte that few had heard of in early Spring?

While tired tropes are bandied about on occasion by Brown and his team, one message that he has come back to over and over again is the fact that free speech, free thought, and free expression is under siege. Attacks, he suggests, are coming in from multiple directions, both from an out of control, untethered 'Big Tech' and by elites operating safely from within the snug confines of the political-industrial complex.

Pointing out the multiple times he’s seen his verified account taken down by Twitter, Captain Brown has refused to be silenced on the topic of censorship, looking at it through a bipartisan lens, and pointing out that despite his support for school choice, public education too must saved from the encroaching scourge of ‘group think.’

With voting parents like Kevin Schwartz and Barbara Mathers voicing concern about this exact issue with in a previously published article, and notable Nevadan and former state Republican Chairperson, Amy Tarkanian linking to a story from the Intercept showing Facebook’s internal censor list, it seems as though Brown intuitively understands the hunger of the human being to be heard. And while those like Tarkanian can be classified as reliably conservative, has heard from multiple, popularly elected Silver State Democrats who are intrigued by this message as well.

Though none would be named due to the sensitivity involved with speaking on record in what could be construed as a positive manner about a potential challenger to the incumbent Democratic Senator, Catherine Cortez-Masto, one referred to themselves as a “Free Speech Absolutist” and several others indicated significant dismay and disappointment in the 5-2 vote by a Clark County Commission to pass a resolution labeling speech a public health hazard.

The questions now being raised is if Laxalt, the Republican establishment choice, will begin to pay lip service to such a message, and if Cortez-Masto understands that the Bill of Rights still holds significant value to her voters. Until then, Captain Brown’s approach to our nation's most virtuous and fundamental value will continue to be amplified, not only by him, but the 10’s of thousands of supporters who have rallied around the novice candidate.

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