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SLOPPY! Cyber security error sees emergency operations manuals for the state of Nevada appear online

In the course of extensive research and reporting on the devastating hack which hit the Department of Homeland Security's fusion centers, a cyber attack which ensnared multiple Nevada based law enforcement and policing agencies, a new error by the Battle Born State's cyber security division has been discovered.

Despite being labeled For Official Use Only the "Nevada Division of Emergency Management's Continuity of Operations Plan," was available, unredacted, through a cursory search on Google.

Included in the almost 100 page document was the cell and home numbers of a significant amount of public safety leaders across Nevada including representatives of tribal nations, cities, and counties, in addition to those working at the state level. Passwords, emails, and pager numbers were also exposed.

While it is dated from 2017, can confirm that much of the information is still current, having reached the current Sheriffs of both Lander and Esmeralda County, as well as the former police chief of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and the head of the city of Henderson's Emergency Management operations.

Other manuals available to the general public, despite containing highly sensitive law enforcement plans and critical state infrastructure information, are the "Nevada Resort Hotel Emergency Response Plan Guide," which was published less than a year after the October 1 shooting and a gargantuan 350+ page tome titled the "State of Nevada Disaster Recovery Framework," meant to spell out the step by step plans of how the state would respond to a variety of different emergencies.

(The cover pages of each document can be seen below)

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