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The Ballad of Texas Sam: Captain Sam Brown labeled "Offensive" & "Sexist" by Republican State Rep

Benny Binion he ain't, but the route is the same.

While the infamous casino owner escaped Dallas and the law, coming to Nevada to make his fortune in legalized gaming, US Senate Candidate Captain Sam Brown made the same journey, only his escape was from a losing political past, a past that has now followed him from the Lone Star State to the Battle Born one.

Breitbart News recently suggested Captain Brown was a career politician due to his running for the Texas State House in 2014. Despite it being his initial run for office, and a down ballot seat, Brown received significant media attention as he vied with three others to represent House District 102. The focus on the retired Army Captain revolved in equal parts around his honorable past as a badly injured, highly decorated war hero as well as statements he made which were looked at by at least one Republican State Representative in a less than honorable light.

After coming in third in his race for the seat, Brown proceeded to endorse Linda Koop over incumbent Representative Stefani Carter in the Republican Primary runoff. The reason given for his choice? According to The Texas Tribune Newspaper, "on his Facebook page, Brown praised Koop’s “shared experience” in the community and contrasted her with Carter, who he said is “not married with children to provide for or nurture.” In response, Carter said that the statement was "sexist," the reasoning behind it "flawed," and that Brown's positioning, "has no place in the Republican party." She also called his words, "Deeply offensive." In addition, Brown lodged an accusation against the two term incumbent, similar to an attack which is now being utilized against him in Nevada, writing his opponent had, "refused to plant roots."

Ultimately Sam Brown backed the winner, as Linda Koop proved victorious in the general election.

Now living in Nevada, facing some of the same charges he blasted a fellow Republican with, along with renewed questions over the entirety of his previous run for office, Captain Brown is fast learning a lesson that many in Texas and Nevada learned before him: The road Benny Binion paved isn't an easy one.

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