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The Lady IS an Oath Keeper. Document shows Nevada's Michele Fiore consummated relationship with vow

While Politico famously intoned that 'The Lady is a Trump,' in a story about Michele Fiore can now report that a 2015 study identified the current Las Vegas City Councilwoman and Nevada Republican Gubernatorial hopeful as something else as well.

A paper titled 'Going to Extremes,' issued by the Center for Western Priorities states Fiore, "has taken the Oath Keeper vow."

Furthermore, a screenshot from the website features Fiore with the recently indicted Stewart Rhodes, at an event hailed as an 'Oath Keepers Renewal Ceremony.'

And an info graphic taken from a detailed 2016 article in the High Country News examined Fiore's connections to multiple extremist groups, once again showing her direct connection to Rhodes, the alleged January 6th insurrectionist leader.

Despite her intense, long term relationship with Rhodes and the Oath Keepers, Fiore was not at the Capitol with them in early January of 2021, instead choosing to spend her time in posh Amelia Island with the Republican National Committee, an event at which the New York Times reported on her attire.

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