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The Predator and Piggy Stardust: Did a serial sex abuser prey on obese women in a Las Vegas harem?

(Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of events being recapped in this article several names have been shortened or replaced by the use of initials. This story contains statements of sexual assault and other uncomfortable recollections.)

Biodiversity is synonymous with the Mojave desert. An enchanting, exotic mixture of flora and fauna lends itself to a mysterious vibrancy and beauty that can be found throughout what appears to be a desolate landscape. Amongst the many living species dwelling in this ecosystem are a wide variety of birds. From within that set of flying animals, the Cattle Egret is not commonly found in the greater Las Vegas Valley.

Livestock herds, specifically cattle, will have multiple females accompanied by a male. The numbers of cows grouped together can vary by locale, but inevitably there will be but one bull escorting them.

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada at the turn of the 20th century was a dusty, desolate, stop along a train line. While still dusty, it is no longer an isolated frontier town. And as the third decade of the 21st century unfolds, masses of humanity wander the previously non existent thoroughfares of the city exploring a multitude of ways to appease insatiable longings and quench their ever parched desires.

Through this throng of humanity ambled a herd of cows led by an ever present bull, but lacking the presence of any Cattle Egrets. Onlookers, shocked by the scene, found the group’s final destination off putting, as one by one these mammoth masses of flesh were led to a giant scale. But they weren’t being weighed for slaughter, unless the slaughter of their fragile egos and the grinding up of their longing souls was factored in. For these beasts weren’t possessors of hooves and bovine sentience but young, formerly vibrant human females, now reduced to shocking levels of inhumanity, led along by a bullish Svengali, one using every trick to corral and control the ladies in his ever growing harem.

Stefan Wilhelmy likes women. Stefan Wilhelmy is thought to love “supersized, big beautiful women.” And on the occasions when he would bring these busty beauties to downtown Las Vegas to be weighed on the industrial scale of the ‘Heart Attack Grill’, some of those who witnessed the aforementioned scenes suggested that his mammoth sized appreciation turned into unrelenting, primal lust.

‘Heart Attack Grill’ operates with a simple concept. Greasy burgers, lard lacquered fries, and a variety of sugary confections all intended to indulge the most hedonistic of appetites. Outside the entrance of this beacon of bacon, beef, and beer is an extra large scale, where if one volunteers to step up and be weighed, those pushing the scale past 350 pounds eat for free. Vivacious wait staff, clad in faux nursing apparel, are present to verify the results, and if the patrons taking the challenge make weight, they are given the opportunity to gorge upon the grease laden fare, freed from the guilt of calorie counting or the need to pay. With one caveat. If the challenge was taken and the meal accepted, they had to finish their first serving, or else they would be spanked. Bent over, in full view of the dining public, to be flogged for both their insolence, and their inability to finish the food “given” to them.

Those spankings, according to several of the women interviewed for this story, quite possibly gave literal rise to certain aspects of Mr. Wilhelmy’s physical appearance, while almost certainly releasing an overwhelming response from his dopamine synapses. The entire process, from parading them, weighing them, watching them humiliated, and eventually their physical pain, was all part of what Mr. Wilhelmy originally deemed as being a part of the support group he founded on TikTok entitled ‘Pearadise 1.’

Pearadise, the name a play on the corpulent shape of many larger ladies, sported a logo gleaming in a tropical neon visage. Words, wrapping partially around it, proclaimed Pearadise to be “A place of acceptance and love.” On its social media home page, right under a follower count in the hundreds of thousands , encased in a variety of pink and red heart emojis came three lines of text. From top to bottom the messages were simple and welcoming.

“Positive Vibes 24/7”

“Love Yourself”

“Support Each Other”

In addition to the TikTok group, Pearadise also had a robust community on the messaging application Discord, where members could communicate with Mr. Wilhelmy and each other. In a message on the channel’s homepage, Mr. Wilhelmy described why he created a presence on Discord stating he:

“...had the idea to take my passion for speaking up

against bullying and discrimination against big girls to the next level

and open up a Discord server. We have active video chats, support

groups, games, fun and NSFW sections and have been called the

friendliest and most fun Discord server on the net!”

(The above is an actual photo of Stefan Wilhelmy's pool and guests)

However, while those slogans may have been meaningful for those engaging with Mr. Wilhelmy in a world of algorithms and long distance notes, a more sinister narrative emerged relating to Pearadise and Wilhelmy. Hinted at in the Discord description with the implementation of an NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) section, some close to either him or the girls partaking in the groups claimed that everything had been built as part of an elaborate facade, one created allowing him unending, unimpeded access to vulnerable, wounded young woman, some of whom had barely passed the threshold into legal adulthood.

These tales reached a crescendo, when a brave, vivacious whistleblower going by the screen name “Piggy_Stardust” brought to light horrific allegations. In a signed declaration submitted to Nevada’s Eighth District Court in Las Vegas as part of ongoing litigation with Wilhelmy, “Piggy” who’s first name is Kimberly, told the presiding Judge she did not “...believe that Pearadise was a safe space,” she went further, articulating her belief that “...Wilhelmy was a predator.”

And why are Kimberly and Mr. Wilhelmy engaged in a court battle? According to both court documents, and exclusive interviews that conducted with those close to the proceedings, a pattern of suspicious and salacious behavior emerged suggesting at the best Mr. Wilhelmy was “handsy” and at the worst he was a serial perpetrator of sexual assault, the “predator” described in Kimberly’s declaration, an older man who found his victims through the use of grooming tactics and cult like actions.

In addition to the aforementioned Kimberly, three other women are currently being sued by Mr. Wilhelmy, in a suit that was filed on June 30th of this year when the first accusations of sexual assault levied at him were still fresh. In asking the courts for $1,000,000 in damages and an injunction against the defendants which would force their silence on the matter, Mr. Wilhelmy attempted to get in front of a budding public relations nightmare. However, less than a month later, the internet newspaper the published a bolded headline blaring out to their readership that he "abuses bigger women for his fetishes." The respected news outlet then proceeded to give an inside look into the lifestyle that Mr. Wilhelmy partook in. A variety of photos were posted, one with him smiling while wearing a silky, strapless bra, another shown of where he is taking photo selfie in a pool, sporting dyed blue hair while two unidentified women behind him look on, appearing disconsolate with what seems to be matching expressions of a grimaced pain and then multiple shots showing him smirking, in his palatial home, surrounded by what appears to be a harem like lineup of girls, all beautiful, and all extremely obese.

According to multiple witnesses, that home held secrets. It included an area called the “Smush” room. It was there that some of Mr. Wilhelmy’s “girls” would take part in cuddle sessions with men who were drawn to his million dollar estate, enticed by Mr. Wilhelmy’s gratuitous displays of hedonistic opulence which he broadcasted to them live over TikTok. Once there, in between the paid activities, participants could listen to the barbaric sounds of painful waxing sessions, snort and scoff at girls who would be weighed and then chastised for losing weight, and then look on as they were encouraged to eat. And then eat again and again. Food which many of the girls, but not the male guests, were forced to pay for themselves despite the massive costs involved.

During interviews it became apparent that the young women understood Mr. Wilhelmy had a so-called type. The numbers varied but the larger the better, with the ideal being suggested as over six feet and more than 400 pounds. Among those apparently catching the eye of the almost 50 year old was “AJ.”

When it came to the interaction between AJ and Mr. Wilhelmy, court documents filed in September describe a horrid tale. According to AJ, she visited the six bedroom home in April of 2021 and prior to arriving made it abundantly clear that despite her willingness to meet him in person, she was “ a monogamous relationship” and “...would not be participating in any sexual activities over the course of the trip.” Yet despite the proclamation, a different experience unfolded for her, with AJ telling the court through the filings of her attorney “that Wilhelmy sexually assaulted me by touching me in a sexual manner without my consent.”

In text messages viewed by, Wilhelmy seemingly admits to AJ’s version of events, including the fact that he acknowledged, in all capital letters, the following:


In another text message Wilhelmy plainly states:

“I made two girls uncomfortable because I was a bit too touchy feely…”

Another woman, “SB,” also came forward with complaints alleging predatory actions by Stefan Wilhelmy. These too have been filed with the District Court and are the most extensive of all in detailing the relentlessly lewd and aggressive assaults that SB is adamant was inflicted on her by the man who promised those in his group a “Safe Space.”

Her litany of charges include being fondled and spanked without consent, being photographed nude without her knowledge and eventually ridiculed when she asked him to stop. The following is SB in her own words as relayed to the judicial system:

“During my stay, there were multiple instances of Wilhelmy touching me without my consent. I told him multiple times that I was uncomfortable with this conduct and repeatedly told him to stop his inappropriate behavior.”

“During my stay, Wilhelmy spanked my backside several times over the course of

my stay without my consent.”

“During my stay, Wilhelmy caressed my stomach without my consent.”

“Wilhelmy never asked for my consent to touch me in any manner.”

“Wilhelmy called me “immature” when I refused to be naked around him.”

“I never consented to Wilhelmy touching me. In fact, I told him multiple times to stop touching me or to stop his behavior.”

“During my stay, Wilhelmy took a photograph of me and several other people nude in his pool without my consent.”

“Although Wilhelmy calls Pearadise a “safe space,” he uses the platform to lure

women into having sexual relationships with him.”

“I believed that Wilhelmy sexually assaulted me by touching me in a sexual manner without my consent.”

“I believe that Wilhelmy, by engaging in this conduct, is a sexual predator.”

Stefan Wilhelmy made it to the courthouse first, filing his lawsuit in June. However, a unique quirk in Nevada law allowed for Kimberly and her co-defendants to file a counterclaim, known as an “Anti-Slapp” motion. This action is utilized in cases where the stifling of free speech and expression is a concern, and where the initial party is potentially using the courts as a bludgeon to quell the Constitutional rights of a person or group.

By filing their answer utilizing the Anti-Slapp statute, the women involved are now, some of them say for the first time, on equal footing with their alleged assailant. And the outcome of the case looms ever greater for both parties, as Stefan Wilhelmy’s burgeoning foray into the world of NSFW video production and his patron’s trips to the “smush” room are in peril if he is found to be violating the Constitution in the midst of defending himself from the multitude of suggestions that he violated the innocence and bodies of multiple young females. As for the four defendants, if they are found to be liars, they will be looking at a lifetime of enforced silence and a seven figure judgement.

In listening to and speaking with more than a half dozen people with ties to the case, one word stuck out. “Object.” And no matter what took place within the Discord group, during various TikTok video sessions, or between the anguished moans and desperate wails of tortuous drips of wax on and around their genitals, these women are most definitely not objects but human beings who have survived, who have voices and are using those voices to seek a justice that they may not ultimately be found to deserve, but are absolutely entitled to ask the courts for.

In reporting this story, I spoke to several members of Stefan Wilhelmy’s legal team and despite indications that they would agree to an on the record interview with, their communication with our publication ceased before we had an opportunity to receive a statement from them.

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