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THEY KNEW! Read original email showing Feds saw January 6th violence coming; tracked MAGA groups

Despite original denials to the Washington Post by the head of the FBI field office in D.C. , Politico reported in September that, "Hundreds of law enforcement officials were prepped early for potential Jan. 6 violence."

Now thanks to the work by government watchdog Property of the People , can publish the original 26 page email showing that The National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium, which is part of the federal fusion center network, knew on January, 4 that a "significant amount of individuals plan to...engage in civil unrest and violence."

Additionally, according to the email sent out by the NCRIC, the FBI assigned an internal hashtag, #CertUnrest2021, to monitor those suspected of or participating in the events on the 6th.

Among those at the Capitol that day with ties to Nevada are Stewart Rhodes, who has been charged with sedition, Assemblywoman Annie Black , GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Joey Gilbert , and prominent Nevada GOP activist Courtney Holland.

The first three pages of the surveillance correspondence can be read below and the full document is available here.

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