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UNFIT: Chattah calling for AG Ford's "hanging"; saying Marchant is a "retard" means GOP must act

Updated: Jan 30, 2022 has published multiple examples of disturbing, offensive, and ignorant commentary by Nevada Republican Attorney General candidate Sigal Chattah.

Thus far we know that she has called former Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant a "retard," stated that Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford should be "hanging," and begged to go viral for an amateur attack on Ilhan Omar.

When this much information appears so early, most likely there is more to come.

Republicans across Clark County and Nevada should rejoice that this these posts about a flawed, statewide, candidate became public at this point in the election cycle.

It's time for the GOP to find a suitable replacement and let this be a campaign based on ideas and ideals, not a cartoonish imitation of what Sigal Chattah believes the state's top law enforcement officer can get away with.

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